Live at the House of Harmony

CD cover illustration by Jayne Bourgeault.

Leah Morise
Live at the House of Harmony
© 2015

  1. By the Time the Leaves Fell
  2. Highway 17
  3. $2 Bill
  4. Love My Old House
  5. Flowers in the Carpet
  6. Never Enough Time
  7. If Only He Had Known the Language
  8. Peaceful River
  9. She’s a Hurricane
  10. Stranded
  11. Together You and Me
  12. Tiny Trailer


CD and MP3’s of Leah’s live recording are available on CD Baby, at Grooves Records in London, or can be purchased on iTunes.

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Leah Morise
Take Me Anywhere – © 2006

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Take Me Anywhere - Leah Morise

CD art by Renaissance Monkey Design.
Photography by Dana Brushette Photography.

Leah Morise
Take Me Anywhere – © 2006

  1. Heart of Many Colours
  2. The Panty Song
  3. Teddy Bear
  4. Peaceful River
  5. Street Light Shining
  6. Big Wide Strum
  7. She’s a Gemini
  8. Almost Halfway
  9. Jean
  10. You Wet My Whistle
  11. Too Happy to Sing the Blues
  12. Fruition
  13. You Can Take Me Anywhere

Leah also appears on the following recordings:


Backup vocals for
Manitoba Hal

Dancing in the Moonlight © 2015

(Tracks 4 & 6)

  1. One Kind Favour
  2. Come To Me
  3. Dancing In The Moonlight
  4. Sweet Honeybee
  5. Ain’t No Grave
  6. Wayfaring Stranger
  7. Daylight

Choir for
Karyn Ellis

More Than a Hero © 2013

(Choir in tracks 5 & 8)

  1. You’ll Do Anything
  2. River
  3. Rust
  4. Cosmic Cowboy
  5. Pretty Little Soldier
  6. The Beach
  7. How The Tiger Lost Her Roar
  8. More Than A Hero
  9. You’ll Do Anything
  10. Poem
  11. Lullaby


Feelin' the Spirit

CD art by Renaissance Monkey Design

Choral vocals for First-St. Andrew’s United Church Choir
Feelin’ The Spirit – © 2010 Spirituals Gospel and Jazz

  1. Walk In The Light
  2. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  3. My God Is So High
  4. I’m Gonna Sing
  5. Shall We Gather At The River?
  6. Oh, Glory!
  7. Deep River
  8. Deep River
  9. This Little Light Of Mine
  10. Keep Your Lamps!
  11. Hush! Somebody’s Callin’ My Name
  12. Witness
  13. Jesus Lay Your Head In The Window
  14. A Little Jazz Mass
  15. You Better Min’
  16. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
  17. Soon And Very Soon

Simply Joy

Backup vocals for Simple Joy
Believe in a Better World – © 2009

(All songs written by Jim Johnston)

  1. Believe in a Better World
  2. Simple Joy
  3. Learning
  4. Seems to Me
  5. Free to Fly
  6. Cat’s Going Out
  7. I Feel the Energy
  8. Looking in the Mirror
  9. I Feel It Now
  10. All That I Want
  11. Bottom’s Up
  12. I’m So Lucky
  13. You Are My Lover

Favourite Hymns - First-St. Andrew's United Church Choir

CD art by Renaissance Monkey Design

Choral vocals for First-St. Andrew’s United Church Choir
Favourite Hymns – © 1999

  1. Holy, holy, holy
  2. When I survey the wondrous cross
  3. Guide me, o thou great Jehovah
  4. All things bright and beautiful
  5. Amazing grace
  6. Praise, my soul, the king of heaven
  7. Siyahamba
  8. Let us with a gladsome mind
  9. Now thank we all our God
  10. The Lord’s my shepherd
  11. Lift high the cross
  12. Unto the hills
  13. Love divine, all loves excelling
  14. Herald! Sound the note of gladness
  15. For all the saints
  16. Be thou my vision
  17. Christ is made the sure foundation
  18. And did those feet in ancient time
  19. The day thou gavest
  20. Crown him with many crowns

Radio Orange - Sheldon

Vocals and Electric Bass for SHELDON
Radio Orange © 1994

(All songs written by Sheldon)

  1. Footsteps
  2. Who do you think you are?
  3. The angel sympathetic
  4. Watching
  5. Hello Lenny Bruce
  6. Can’t stop a train
  7. St. Catherine
  8. Come closer
  9. Radio orange
  10. Under royal palms
  11. Forty days
  12. Tell me what you really think